Little Alfie Update- Sunday 26th July 2020

Little Alfie Update

I love getting a little Alfie update. He is just so cute. Our favourite picture is definitely of him in his little chair. Ok, so it’s not supposed to be his chair and he’ll be too big for it very soon, but for now he looks just perfect.

Puppy Classes

Apparently being a puppy at the moment is very difficult as there are no puppy classes for him to go to. He’d love to be at playschool with other puppies. Not just because it’s good for him, but because he would really enjoy it. There must be lots of you out there in the same position. It’s worth seeing if places like your local kennels have a paddock that you could use safely. They may also know of other puppies whose owners are in the same position and who would like to join you. If the kennels doesn’t know other puppies who need a regular play time then ask your vet, they will see lots of youngsters like yourselves.

Little Alfie Update on Training

His humans aren’t doing as well in their training. They just don’t get that he wants them to go faster and they only seem to have one speed. He says at this rate he won’t be able to keep them on the end of the lead as they just can’t keep up. Humans just aren’t intuitive at varying their speed to match ours. I suppose as Alfie gets a bit older he’ll get less impatient with them and go at a steady speed so they don’t fall behind.

Getting up at 5.30

I did sympathise with him when he said his humans aren’t so happy to get up early. I have to stay in bed until 7am and it’s a real pain. I’m ready to get up long before that, but, no, Mum says 7am is quite early enough. Just hang in there buddy and don’t give any ground. If you give in to them they only push the time later and later.

It’s good to hear you’re doing ok little fella. I wish we could meet up and get to know you properly. By the time we can do that you’ll be a big boy but I’m sure you’ll still be just as cute and handsome.



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