Pet Obesity – Tuesday 28th July 2020

Pet Obesity

Ok you dogs and cats out there, we’re talking pet obesity today and I’m going to issue you all with a challenge. At a time when the UK’s human government is trying to tackle human obesity, let’s set the pace and show them how it’s done. If Joe Wicks can make a name for himself trying to get humans fit during lockdown, perhaps I can make a name for myself getting you pets fit before those humans end up confined due to a second wave.

Direct Line Pet Insurance Research

Direct Line Pet Insurance have done some research and tell me that in the last 12 months 1.7 million dogs and 1 million cats have been told they are overweight by their vets. I strongly suspect the real number is a lot higher than that. There are a fair few dogs I wouldn’t have the nerve to actually tell they are fat. Obviously we all like food, but being overweight puts more pressure on our joints and causes all sorts of other medical problems. It’s a lot worse in some breeds than in others, but I don’t want you to use that as an excuse.

Here’s the challenge

Today, I want all you dogs and cats to get on the scales. If you’re small enough then get your owner to get on first and then pick you up. If you are bigger you might have to do a very nice sit and stay on the human’s scales or get them to weigh you as soon as they can at your local vet. I want you to write down what you weigh and then write next to it your target weight. Have your human put a piece of paper on the fridge or treat cupboard with those weights on, whichever you prefer. You can email us to if you want to commit publicly to your challenge. You are going to have to discuss with your humans how you can achieve your weight reduction.

How to lose weight

Here are some suggestions on how you can lose weight

  1. Eat fewer treats (especially those of you begging at the table)
  2. Reduce your meal sizes
  3. Change your food to one that is lower calorie – I use Royal Canin Satiety as part of my weight control programme (Thanks to Betsy for that tip)
  4. Take more exercise – chase an extra ball, walk for longer, run rather than walk – you get the idea.
  5. Exercise during normal day to day activities – although doing laps of the lounge can annoy your humans.

Monitor Your Progress

Like all goals, it’s no good if you simply think it’s a good idea but then forget it after 24 hours. We can do this together. Let’s have ‘Fitness Tuesdays’ where we can compare notes on how we’re all doing and have a weigh in. Why don’t you email me at if you want to take part in our Pet Fitness Challenge?

Pet obesity and Wilma prepares for a weigh in.

I’m putting my paw up and my starting weight is 25.5kg. I’m aiming to get down to 23kg. Mum is going to join me in the challenge but won’t let me publish her weight. Ari and Shadow will be doing it too but Mum can’t lift them up to get a reading on the scales.



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