Meet Groot – Saturday 1st August 2020

Meet Groot

Today I want you to meet Groot. Groot is Little Alfie’s sister and she is just as cute as he is. She reminds me a little of when I was a puppy and took care of all my cuddly toys. I still do to be fair. I’ve still got Horsey (mark 2) and Heffelump. To be fair I am a little jealous of Groot’s cuddly toy. We do have a Hoppig in the house (that’s what Ikea call them), but it’s Mum’s and not mine. It sits on her bed. She gets very cross if I try taking it to my bed.

Groot’s humans made me laugh as they say she is much more gently with her toys than she is with them. I’m sure she’ll learn.

Too much excitement

Yesterday there really was much too much happening here. If you think about the fact that there has pretty much been no one around other than Mum and Dad most of the time. There was a man at the bottom of our garden using a chainsaw to cut down some big bushes. He wasn’t actually in our garden but was sort of hanging over it at one point. Then there was a man who was in our garden doing some repairs to the window frames. He was using a saw too. His saw wasn’t as noisy but all in all it was just a bit too much excitement for one day. I think we were all quite pleased when we went back to just us again.

Pigeon Inquest

We’ve held an inquest into the death of the pigeon and reached the conclusion that the culprit was a female sparrow hawk. Sadly it seems this is not an isolated incident. We’re now worried about the smaller garden birds and hope they will keep out of harm’s way.



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