Fitness Tuesday – Tuesday 4th August 2020

Fitness Tuesday

Well it’s fitness Tuesday, but I have a confession to make. No, don’t worry, I am still on my diet and being a good girl. The greengages haven’t started falling off the tree yet so I’m still in control of temptation. The problem came when Mum tried to weigh me. She got on the scales first and did that whole ‘Our total weight less my weight will be your weight’ thing. Anyway, the scales suggested she has lost weight since last week, so I asked her to double check. I didn’t want her adding some of hers to me. That really wouldn’t help.

She said it was definitely 2 pounds less than it said last week but she might be wearing lighter clothes. Given she was wrapped up in a jumper as though it was winter, I doubt that very much.

The Problem

Then came the problem. She wasn’t feeling all that strong and couldn’t pick me up in a way that I found comfortable. I wriggled and jumped down. We tried again and had an argument about me not being prepared to stay still. After that Mum refused to try again. Something to do with me hurting her wrists but honestly some people are just useless. Now I need to remember to ask the vet to weigh be next week.

How are you all doing?


Shadow was feeling a little bit better yesterday, so hasn’t been to the vet. Her tummy was still not right, but as she’s already on special sensitive tummy food there isn’t much different that Mum can do. We’re making sure she is drinking plenty and are monitoring the situation. If she doesn’t keep improving then she will be going straight to the vet. She’s still got wind but at least she’s eating a little more.

Shadow looking super cute



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  1. Hi, please send my love to my Mum. I hope she is soon feeling better. My diet is going quite well. Dad has picked all the ripe greengages here and made jam so my supply has dried up. I did get a few and so did the birds. Will have to look around for more treats in the garden. It is VERY HOT here and getting hotter by the day. I do not like it at all. Will be on my cool mat and the cool kitchen floor. One bonus is I get a very early walk. Have a good day. Love Dickens XXXXXX

    • You should live up here instead – we’ve only had one hot day. Our greengages aren’t ready, but on the bright side Mum doesn’t like them so I share them with the birds. We only fight over the apples, blackberries and carrots.
      Be good
      ps your Mum will be going to the vet today.

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