Hooray for the weekend – Saturday 8th August 2020

Hooray for the weekend

Today I’m saying hooray for the weekend. It’s been a hard week and Mum says she’s really ready to put her feet up with us. That has to be good news. We’re counting the days down to Dad coming home too. There are only another two weeks until he’s in the house. Of course, by now you know the drill. We don’t get to see him for two weeks as he gets put in quarantine by Mum. Actually, I think Shadow is planning to rebel again and spend all her time with Dad. She says that suits her better as he lets her sleep on the bed.

Paddling Pool

Mum cleaned out our paddling pool and has said she will refill it for us today. I’m not totally convinced that that is a good thing as she still has this expectation we will go in it. Mind you, she has said that if today is as hot as it was yesterday then she is prepared to get in first. As long as she leaves me with the camera that won’t be so bad. I wonder what she will wear to go in. I can’t see her wanting to play with me in it wearing much less than full body armour. There was an incident yesterday in which my enthusiasm wasn’t appreciated on her bare arm.

My collar

Now I’m in trouble with Mum for not looking after my new collar in the way she’d like. It seems I’ve pulled some threads on it. I can’t help being such an active dog. I’m sure it wasn’t actually my fault. There’s nothing I’ve done deliberately that would cause it. When I talked to Mum about it I scratched my neck while I was thinking. “There,” she said. “That’s exactly how you’re doing it.” Oops. Perhaps I need a second basic collar to wear on the days I feel as though I need a good scratch.



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