Dog Friendly Hotels – Sunday 9th August 2020

Dog Friendly Hotels

My dear friend Cinders has been adding to our database of dog friendly hotels. Whilst I’m at home twiddling my paws, she is starting to get out and about again. She took her humans for a short trip to Cornwall. She says that’s one of her favourite places and to be honest, from her reports, I can see why.

I thought it best to give you all the information in Cinders own words.

Cinders Reports

Cornwall is my most favourite place and I get so excited when we arrive there! We stayed in 2 different hotels this time but both were so lovely and very doggo friendly. 

The Lugger Hotel in Portloe

The first one was called The Lugger Hotel and was in Portloe. It is right on a little beach which dogs can visit all year round. That already gets a 5 bone rating from me. I got a very lovely welcome and our room was really nice, quite hot though. Mum got me a fan for bed time and I was much happier then.

Dogs are allowed everywhere in the hotel just not in the restaurant but we can eat in the conservatory which in my opinion is the best seat in the house as it has views of the sea. There are lots of nice dog walks around so you don’t need to get back in the car when you’ve arrived. However there were no dog biscuits on the bar and I didn’t get a sausage at breakfast.  This was £15 a night which I had to pay out of my paw money. So this hotel gets 4 bones in total. 

Talland Bay Hotel

We then moved on to the Talland Bay Hotel and oh my days Wilma, this was the utmost dogxury you could imagine. When I arrived I was given a biscuit by the nice lady at reception and she said she would send a hamper up to my room which was there by the time I got up the stairs. It included a packet of yummy biscuits, towel, blanket, bowl for water and a tennis ball. They have a really nice garden which is great for playing with that tennis ball and you are only a few paws away from a lovely beach.

The best tables at dinner are saved for hoomans with doggos which is really nice and every morning at breakfast a sausage was brought for me without even asking and at dinner some very lovely poached chicken. The hotel doesn’t just say they are dog friendly they really are and it was so lovely that I am saving up really hard to go back. This was £15 a night for me too. This hotel gets the highest 6 bone rating.

Now you can all see why I’m rather jealous of Cinders and her travels. I’ve got a Post Covid list of places I want to be taken to and these are definitely on that list.



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