Nail Trim – Tuesday 11th August 2020

Nail trim

I went for a nail trim yesterday. That wasn’t the most important bit though. At the vet was all good news. Most importantly, Mum forgot to ask them to weigh me, so I can’t tell you if my diet is working. I hope you’re all sticking at your diets and that your summer bodies will all be ready for winter. Anyway, back to the serious stuff. I had my nails trimmed, which I don’t normally like but on this occasion it was good news. Mum was getting fed up of my injuring her and then I split one the other day and had to get Mum to trim it, so all in all I was happy to have someone help who knew what they were doing.

Shadow’s Heart Test

Shadow’s test went very well indeed. The heart medication she is on has helped and the enlargements she had on one side have gone done and some parts that were enlarged are now normal and you can’t get better than that. You’re going to ask me for all the technical names aren’t you, but I have to confess I didn’t take it all in. She does have some minor leakage but nothing to be unduly worried about and as long as Mum keeps an eye on her breathing being normal, she doesn’t have to go back for a check up for another 12 months.

And My Heart

Obviously, I’ve got a lovely heart, but you knew that bit. The good news is that it has not changed at all since I was checked three years ago. The particular types of murmur I’ve got I was told should not progress or need treatment, so all is well. I simply need check ups at intervals to be on the safe side, but I don’t need another one for two years. Yay, happy me.

We both came home feeling pretty pleased with ourselves and ready to tuck into breakfast. Shadow asked to continue with the probiotic too and so came home with a supply of that, so she’s happy.



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