I failed – big time- Monday 17th August 2020

I failed

Well it seems I failed. I was looking over Mum’s shoulder when she was on the computer yesterday and she was putting together the results of our Club’s photo competition. The top two entries as voted on by the members go to make up next year’s calendar. There are three age categories and then dogs and action, dogs and nature and comical dogs. Let’s be honest, Mum is more a happy snapper than a photographer so our shots don’t tend to be that artist except by accident. Fortunately, the camera loves me so most ones of me come out reasonably well – much to Shadow’s annoyance. Actually, to be fair is as much to Mum’s annoyance too as she hates photos of herself.


In prior years Shadow and Alfie had something of an advantage in the senior category as there were so few dogs in the UK over the age of 7, which is the qualification. Neither of their pictures have made it this year. Mum says that’s probably for the best with Alfie as it is time to move on to the new generation. He did come third, so along with some of the dogs who came third in other categories may appear on the front cover.

We have quite a few seniors now. Both of Shadow’s first two litters qualify for that category as do the similar litters which Queenie had.

Comical Dog

The only one of us that actually will make it onto the calendar for this year is Aristotle who was runner up in Comical dogs. It seems quite appropriate that he’s there as he really can be very funny, but rarely deliberately.

I can’t wait to show you the end result. We sell it to raise money for our Club’s rescue funds so you might well want to buy a copy. Mum says I have to wait until all the winners are announced before I can tell you, which is really mean.



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