Little Princess – Tuesday 18th August 2020

Little Princess

Shadow is being a little princess. Oh I know it’s in her kennel name (Aisha Princess of Beauty) but she really does have moments of living up to it. I think if she thought about it she would demand her dinner served on a velvet cushion. We don’t actually have any velvet cushions so she’d probably have a long wait. When she is not happy about arrangements she really does have a way of making it known. That stare is one she will turn on any of us at a moment’s notice. Caught under the Shadow’s glare, I defy any of you to not go along with what she wants.

Pack leader

She asked me to take over as pack leader when I moved in nearly five years ago. What I didn’t realise for a very long time is that that role is only mine as long as I conduct my duties in a way she is happy with. If I step out of line, even for a moment, then she has reserved the right to veto my decisions and enforce the law. You should see us when it comes to bedtime and we go up to the bedroom. We always have an argument on the way up and I do mean always. Then from the landing it is a race to see who gets the big bed first.

I don’t really know why I feel the need to compete in this way as I only leave it empty and get in with Mum, but pride means I can’t let this one go. I don’t always win and we never continue the argument after that. It’s almost become a game. However, I am in no doubt that if she really minded I would not get my way!

Where is Aristotle in all this?

It’s so funny. Aristotle is not willing to argue with his mother over anything. He just says ‘leave me out of it’ and walks away. Actually, he more runs away than walks. He’s such a softie. Mum calls him ‘bear’ because he just wants to be cuddled and loved.



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