Wilma’s Friday Flashback – Friday 21st August 2020

me with Mum summer 2013

Wilma’s Friday Flashback

It’s Wilma’s Friday Flashback again. Given how little is really happening this year, it’s good to look back at the times we actually went out and did something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a creature of habit and I’m happy, but there are some things I really really miss. One of those is Dad but he’ll be home in a couple of days so that’s not so bad.

I found this from seven years ago when Alfie said he was having the best day ever. To be fair, it did sound pretty good. I’d like Mum to take me to those places too. Maybe next year.

Alfie 2013 – Best Day Ever

Yesterday was just amazing. We packed up and left the boat, which was quite sad as we had had such a good time. Then my Master took us to see some memorials at Passendale, which he had been wanting to go to. We weren’t allowed into the cemetery so we stayed with my Mistress at the car. She finds things like that rather too moving and certainly didn’t want to spend too long walking round. After that we went to see my Mum. It was brilliant. We saw my sister too but not for too long. Mum was great. She did put me in my place just to make sure I knew she was boss. Ari and I had a lovely time romping round the garden and seeing my breeder. We had lots of photos taken and I’m sure I shall be able to show you some when we get back.


I had a great time and thought that was enough to make a great day, but it carried on being brilliant. We went to Schilde where we used to live and I got to show Aristotle our old house and the walk I used to do. I was able to tell him all about how the ideas for my book Alfie’s Woods came about. I showed him where we rescued the hedgehog that started the whole idea. It was brilliant. The down side was having to go to the vet for our checks ready for going home but then we got to see our old next door neighbours and their dog. We all had such a lovely time and Ari, Bailey and I got on brilliantly. All in all it’s a pretty good way to spend your holiday and hopefully today can be fun in a less busy kind of way.

I was glad I could find some of the photos from then to show you too. What is funny is that Mum is now reading all about Passendale and other things from the First World War for the book she’s writing. She would never have guessed that when she visited.