Letter from Winston – Tuesday 25th August 2020

Letter from Winston

We had a lovely letter from Winston in Canada yesterday. I enjoyed reading about his antics so much that I thought you might like to read it too. It’s fascinating to hear about animals that we don’t get here. Reading this, I think that’s a shame!

Hello Wilma, 

I hope you are all well, I thought that you would be interested in how things are here in
Canada. There is a lot of wildlife around our house, even though we live in a city. And the wildlife is not shy. We have squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and assorted birds in the back garden. Now the squirrels torment me and eat the tomatoes so when I am allowed, I chase them up trees. I never get them, but I think that they have a cheek to make themselves so at home in my garden. 

The Skunk

The squirrels are no bother really, compared to the skunk that lives under the shed at the bottom of the garden. I have managed to get sprayed quite a few times last year, and when it happens the smell clings to my fur and  if it is not washed off immediately it could last for weeks or longer.

On Friday night we were all settling down to the end of the evening. One of my human brothers let me out for a final pee before bed. My Mum was in the bedroom and she told me later that suddenly the unmistakable malodourous scent wafted through the house. She knew instantly what had happened. I had been allowed inside and I had been sprayed by a skunk…

Agitated Humans

My dad who is normally very mild mannered rushed into the kitchen and began roaring. Mum was hiding in the bedroom hoping that it would all blow over, (literally and figuratively), but in the end she decided that she ought to go and referee.  The humans in the kitchen were very agitated, the term running around in circles comes to mind, and I was cowering under the table.  Mum ignored them all and led me downstairs to the shower. I went straight in- I don’t like showers as a rule but I knew exactly what needed to be done.

My Dad appeared then, calmer now, and he offered to wash me, and one of my brothers started to make up the paste of peroxide and baking soda that needs to be sponged on after I was shampooed to remove the smell.  Mum was delighted to have avoided the messy showering job, so she decided to start folding a mountain of laundry.

Guess what?

As soon as they released me from the shower room naturally I ran about and shook myself in the space where the laundry was arranged in piles all around me!!! I always do a lap of honour and finish off with a good shake after a shower. Anyway, I think it is mostly fine. I probably will avoid using those towels, but i think the rest of them won’t be so fussy.  That was our Friday evening. Dad says it always happens last thing on a Friday evening when you think there is nothing left to do.

The next day they took me on a very long drive up north to a beautiful lake in a forest and I had a lovely swim and a long walk on a forest trail. Canada is great. I noticed a few red leaves on the trees up there. Autumn will be here before long and after that hopefully -snow. Yipee.



with the letter from Winston he has included a picture of himself swimming in the lake
Winston in the lake

Well that was our letter from Winston. I’d love to be looking forward to snow but I’m stuck in England and we don’t get that much of it here. I shall just have to look forward to hearing about your next adventure.



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