Little Alfie is 4 Months Old – Saturday 29th August 2020

Little Alfie is 4 Months Old

This week, Little Alfie celebrated turning 4 months old. I know that’s not a regular birthday, but it’s a milestone for any little puppy. He’s that bit nearer to hitting our equivalent of the ‘terrible twos’ and pretending he knows absolutely nothing of what he’s been learning. As you can see, he doesn’t fit in the little chair anymore. Not in a tiny cute curled up sort of way, but it still suits him rather well.

Little Alfie is 4 months old and here he is sitting in a very small chair.

Lead Walking

He says he’s got the hang of taking his human for a walk most of the time now. He and his humans are a little more in tune over the whole walking together thing that they seem to think is important. What he’s not so sure about at the moment is when they meet strangers. He’s beginning to think he should protect his pack and have a bit of a bark, but they have explained to him that normally they don’t need protecting, so he’s a bit confused. It will take him a while but he needs to look to them for an idea of if they are alarmed or not.

He had a training session with his brother Baxter which he really enjoyed. He was learning about coming back when his human calls him. He says that sort of thing is all a bit tedious, but sadly as humans simply refuse to come to us instead it’s better than being left behind.

Handsome boy

He really is growing into a very handsome boy. He says he’s grown very close to his humans and they love him very much. Of course, he loves them too.

Well done little fellow. We love hearing how you’re getting on.

Now I need to get back to the important matter looking after Mum on her birthday. She’s a bit more than 4 months old today!



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  1. Hi Wilma,

    Please wish your Mum a Happy Birthday from me and give her a big slobbery kiss xx

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you. I did give her lots of slobbery kisses earlier. She ended up laughing quite a lot.

  2. Wilma, please wish you4 mum a ver6 Happy Birthday from me, son Mark, and Niamh the cat, with a great big purr! Have a lovely day, Ros.

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