Let the Party Begin – Saturday 5th September 2020

Let the Party Begin

We dogs are all ready so let the party begin! Mum and Dad are taking two weeks holiday from just as soon as Mum lets Dad come out of quarantine. Strictly speaking that is not until Monday, but I think they are going to start being more flexible about things today so as far as I’m concerned the celebrations start now. We just need some good weather so that we can all spend our time sitting outside in the sunshine together. I’m thinking of running around. Shadow, Aristotle, Dad and Mum have more of a snoozing sort of a plan going. As long as they don’t mind me calling them to join in every so often, I’m sure we’ll all be happy.

Fitness starts here

Mum has a new tracker. It seems to track pretty much everything. She says if she can’t get fit using this then there isn’t much hope for her. I’m hoping to help with the exercise part although I think she may have to work on the diet and sleep for herself. The first good thing is that it is going to send her an alert if she sits still for too long. That really sounds like my kind of thing. I hate sitting still for too long. I had offered to poke her at intervals to make her move but apparently that is not considered helpful.

Faithfully waiting

Aristotle helps Mum when she puts the food out for the birds and the squirrels. That means for part of it she has to go into the front garden and he stays in the back. She only ever goes for five minutes and he can see her for most of that time. He still asks ‘Where were you? I’ve been waiting ages.’ When she comes back to the gate. To be fair, we’re all as bad. We just hate being apart from her for any time at all.



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