A theme here – Sunday 6th September 2020

A theme here

I’m noticing a bit of a theme here. Yesterday Mum and Dad sat outside for coffee and cookies. They sat outside for sandwiches and wine. Then there was the cheesecake and coffee. This is apparently how my humans plan to spend their holiday. I had in mind chasing a ball, going for long walks, snuggling up on the settee, eating ice cream – me rather than them! You know the sorts of things. Frankly, I’m feeling a little disappointed at this stage. I think the most exciting things they’ve got planned for today are the washing, sorting out the mould in the wardrobe and finding the source of the oil leak. This is not what I hoped for.

An Odd Dog

I decided yesterday that much as I love him, Aristotle is an odd dog. We have some antlers to chew on when we feel like it. I really like having a good gnaw every now and again. Yesterday for reasons he could not explain Aristotle fetched two of the antlers, one by one, from the other side of the room and neatly lined them up on the rug. He didn’t chew on them. He simply lined them up, looked at them and walked away. What is all that about?

Watching films

I am going to get my wish of sitting snuggled up watching films but they aren’t the sorts of things I’d normally choose. I’m more of a rom-com kind of a girl. I like the sorts of films that make my humans all soft and cuddly. However, Mum is researching the book she’s writing so we have to watch lots of films from WW1 – that was not my plan at all. I wonder if we could take turns to choose so that I can get my choices in as well. I was thinking of things like Lady and the Tramp.




  1. Hi Wilma,
    Aristotle is a bit like my dog, Jessie. When she was a little younger she never used to play with all her toys. But she did like gathering them all together in one of her doggie beds, before doing what we always thought was a count up before walking away and leaving them. There must be a meaning in it somewhere. Have a wonderful day with your humans.
    Love Maria

    • We are all funny. I wouldn’t go to bed last night because a fly kept dive bombing it. I made Mum deal with the fly before I’d settle down.

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