Point of Focus – Wednesday 9th September 2020

Point of Focus

Mum needed a point of focus to practice using her new camera lens. Ideally, she wanted something that didn’t move too much. What better could she find than Aristotle, who never moves any more than absolutely necessary? The funny thing was that he didn’t really realise that was what she was doing as she was sitting on a chair quite a long way from him. She’s really supposed to be using her camera to photograph wildlife, but I think that has all gone into hiding and besides, it moves too quickly. Aristotle, on the other paw, really didn’t move very much at all.

I take it back

I take back everything I was saying about being fed that I wasn’t going to have a nice bed in the new workroom. Mum had a voucher to use for a shop and she asked if I would like to use it to get something comfortable. Stupid question really. I have found a really snuggly rug that I liked and they’d even got it in a colour that would go with the room, so we were both happy. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.  I did ask if I could get one for Aristotle for his birthday too, but Mum said that he has enough beds already and won’t be able to come upstairs to the workroom, which is a shame.

Day Care

You’ve probably guessed by now that as it’s Wednesday I’m off to play with my friends for the day. I really do enjoy it each week. It gives me chance for a good run and a change of scenery. It gives Shadow and Aristotle chance of a break from me asking them to play too, so they appreciate it. Mum did say that she ought to arrange for them to have a day and probably an overnight stay soon. I think she’s worried that it will have been so long since they’ve had to stay away from home that they won’t want to do it when we can finally travel again. Shadow said she didn’t think it was necessary but I don’t think she will have the final say.



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