He’s Definitely Winning – Saturday 12th September 2020

He’s definitely winning

In the whole Mum versus squirrel episode, he’s definitely winning. When we go out for us to go to the toilet first thing in the morning, there he is running along the boards. After Mum puts his food out he definitely comes to take it, just not when she’s there. When she goes out with her camera he’s definitely not there. Mum is getting very frustrated. I suspect the squirrel is not.

Dad’s suggestion is that her next purchase should be a hide, so that the squirrel can’t actually see her. My suggestion is a remote control camera that picks up movement. Mum doesn’t want to use either of our suggestions. It could be a long game.

Thinking of our friends

We seem to have a lot of friends who are suffering ill health at the moment. Alfie’s girlfriend, Bella, has a partially torn cruciate ligament. Shadow’s daughter Addie is having kidney problems and her son Tucker is really going through it at the moment. It just makes me grateful for my own health. Did I tell you that Shadow is having a scan on Tuesday as she’s been having problems and doesn’t feel much like eating?

We’d just like to send all of them our love and their humans too.


Leaving aside that just at the moment dates are pretty unimportant to you humans, we have calendars for next year. You could be the proud owner of a beautiful calendar with all my friends who won in our Club photo competition. It’s on sale to raise money for our Club’s Rescue Fund which takes care of Heidi and costs just £16.75 including postage in the UK. If you would like to buy a copy then please email me at Wilma@alfiedog.me.uk and I’ll send you the payment details.




  1. Hi Wilma, I will be ordering a calendar. I have it up in the study so I can see all my friends and acquaintances while Mum and Dad do their work on the computer.
    Dad is out with his mates today – I have reminded him about masks, handwashing and socially distancing so I hope he is being good. Mum took me to the dog run at Training this afternoon. We had a lovely time.
    I am sorry to hear about the poorly dogs and hope they are all better soon. Please send love to my Mum. Best wishes and love to you all Dickens XXXXX

    • Thank you, Dickens. We do have to keep reminding these humans. They need to be much more like our breed – close to our pack and distant from anyone else.

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