Please Pray for Addie – Sunday 13th September 2020

Please pray for Addie

Please can you all pray for Addie, (Shadow’s daughter and Ari’s sister). She is having serious kidney problems and unless the toxins in her blood can be reduced then she may not make it. She’s already been on a drip for twenty-four hours to help flush her system, but it hasn’t sorted the problem out. She’s going onto a special diet and having charcoal to try to reduce the toxins but it is very serious. It isn’t made any easier by not knowing the cause. It is most likely something she has come into contact with or eaten, but no one knows what it can be.

We are all sending lots of love to both Addie and her human and hoping and praying there might be a miracle.

Sybil and Leo

There was good news yesterday too. Sybil and Leo are having a great time on their little weekend away. They mated yesterday and we are all hoping they mate again today. Sybil said she thinks he’s a very good looking boy, but I already knew that. Shadow says she’s very proud of her son and can’t wait to be a grandma again. Here are a couple of pictures of them together yesterday.

Begging for food

Whilst Shadow is still not really very enthusiastic about eating, Ari is happily begging for anything he can get. He’s so funny. He can sit very still for a long time watching a sandwich if he thinks there might be any coming his way. Of course, wow betides Mum or Dad if they walk away from their sandwich when he’s around. Mum came back from taking Dad’s sandwich to him to find Aristotle licking the one on her plate. She ate it anyway, so his plan of her handing it over failed.



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  1. Hi Wilma,
    Will pray for Addie and wishing her family well. Hope she improves soon.
    Best wishes,

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