Getting Close to Wildlife – Monday 28th September 2020

Getting close to wildlife

I fear we are getting a little too close to wildlife. When we went into the utility yesterday Mum asked me if I’d been climbing onto the worksurface. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a silly question. Actually, it’s not. Ari can reach up there simply by standing on his back legs and reaching, but if I want anything I have to jump right up. It is the side where the food buckets and the treats are kept so it wasn’t such an odd suggestion. Anyway, as it happens, I’d been with Mum the whole time so was able to say ‘no’ with a clear conscience.

Who moved the plant holder?

So, if it wasn’t me, who exactly moved the plant holder? Ari hadn’t been in there, we were certain about that. Shadow can’t reach the side, so it wasn’t her. When Mum left it, the plant holder was on the window sill. When we went back it was in front of my food bucket and there was a small amount of debris where it had been tipped up. The hedgehog doorstop, which is on the window sill (don’t ask – I know there are no doors up there), was at a funny angle too. We have had to draw the conclusion that some of the local wildlife had taken Mum’s interest in their well-being a little too literally and decided to move in.

Where are they now?

The question which remains is ‘where are they now?’ Mum has very carefully moved a few things out to see if anyone pokes their heads out, but so far we haven’t seen them. It’s probably only a matter of time. I asked Mum how she would tackle the problem. She suggests that the best solution is simply to let Shadow spend an afternoon in there. Any mouse who is still resident after that would deserve a medal. I don’t know if she means because Shadow’s farts are really bad at the moment or if she’s expecting Shadow to catch them. She doesn’t move as fast as she used to, so I’m guessing it’s the former!



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