Last throes of summer – Wednesday 30th September 2020

Last throes of summer

Yesterday really seemed to be the last throes of summer. It was a lovely day here. Mum said I needed to make the most of it as it might be the last day she would just leave the back door open for me to go in and out. When it’s not open I have to keep going to ask when I want to go out. It’s really annoying when I have to do that as Mum tends to put her foot down about me eating all the fruit and calls me back in. I found a lovely patch of sunshine to lie in for a snooze in the afternoon. It was absolutely perfect. When you get days like that it does help to make winter seem just a tiny bit shorter.

How to entertain a dog

I know that as a breed we are very bright, but in some ways we are just as simple as the rest of the dog world. Aristotle has misplaced a treat. It went under the cooker. You would not believe just how much time we have all waster trying to get it out. Unfortunately the cooker is much too heavy for even us to move so that put paid to my first suggestion. Mum did say she’d get a ruler and fish it out.

Then she stopped herself and said that as it was keeping us all so well entertained then she would probably prefer to leave it there. It was easy to get her to change her mind. I just said ‘And you wonder why the mice are moving in’. That did it. The good news was that she went and got a ruler. The bad news was that once she fished it out she said it was going in the bin as it probably wasn’t all that clean under there. This to a group of dogs who eat mud and fish things out of bins!



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