Happy That it’s Friday – Friday 2nd October 2020

Happy that it’s Friday

Paws up if you’re happy that it’s Friday. It’s odd because as days go it really doesn’t make all that much difference around here. However, Mum is always in a good mood as it’s the end of the week. Weird really, as Saturday and Tuesday are very similar at the moment.

Looking back, I started with Alfie in 2007 when he was still quite young. This did make me laugh.


The bedroom door has been closed. There I was, after breakfast as usual, going to lie on the bed and I found the door closed in front of me. Well I wasn’t standing for that so I marched off down the landing to find my mistress. “Why have you closed the bedroom door?” I asked. “Is it some sort of mistake?” I was none too thrilled when I was told that it was entirely deliberate and that unless I could remember to wipe my paws on the way back into the house, and then stay on my blanket on the foot of the bed, the door would remain closed.

But I like it at the pillow end. I can get much more cosy if I really snuggle down there than if I stay on the foot end where my blanket is. I did have an unfortunate incident with some muddy pawprints yesterday. They sort of accidentally came off all over the covers and showed exactly where I had been, but I did say sorry. Admittedly I only said sorry after my mistress had had to move to make enough room to get under the covers and was alarmed not just about the pawprints but about the amount of loose mud that seemed to accompany them. I can’t help it if mud falls off as it dries.

This made me laugh from 2010. It was especially the case as Mum is already planning this Christmas. She wants to make sure we actually have one. I also laughed because we still have those racing penguins!


Where do the weeks go, never mind the months?  One minute you are marvelling at what Santa Claus has brought you and the then you’re writing your list of things you’d like him to bring you next. Under normal circumstances my Mistress doesn’t start to prepare for Christmas until after my granddad’s birthday in November, but this year she has made a small exception. She has bought the Christmas crackers. She saw a set with a ‘racing penguin’ game in it and couldn’t resist. So we will be spending Christmas evening winding up little penguins and making them race. That is as long as she remembers she has them by then and doesn’t subject us once again to ‘pin the nose on Rudolph’.

Alfie, Shadow and Megan from Christmas 2010

It only remains for me to wish my Aunt Megan a very happy eleventh birthday. Mum says she still misses you and hopes you are well.



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