A Spy in our Midst – Saturday 3rd October 2020

A Spy in our Midst

It seems we have a spy in our midst. Aristotle has been spying on our neighbours. He’s refusing to tell us what he could see. When the fence was built ten years ago it was deliberately done in such a way that although wind could blow through, there weren’t big gaps between the wood. Over time the boards have shrunk a little and now there is plenty of room to get your eye up against it to have a good look. Mum has told us that we shouldn’t do it. Now to be fair, we have never caught her even considering doing it herself, but Aristotle finds having a good nose completely irresistible. I suspect he’d make a good spy and would have little difficulty finding out other people’s secrets. It’s very easy to forget he’s there.

A funny thing

Yesterday morning was very funny. When Mum got up she looked out of the kitchen window and there were lots of birds on the feeders. Deciding she would not be beaten, she went out with her camera as soon as she had fed us all. It turns out, that before she has had coffee in a morning, it is impossible for Mum to hold the camera steady. This was the best shot she took and the birds are not exactly in focus. She took 25 pictures altogether, none of them good! I have suggested she should get up earlier and have coffee first.

Exciting Life

You know life is going to be exciting when the only thing on the calendar is to move a filing cabinet. I don’t actually think my help is required with that, thankfully. On the bright side the filing cabinet is in the garage, which means we’ll be outdoors whatever the weather. It’s going to take some time for Mum to take all the files out of the cabinet so she can move it. Every cloud has a silver lining.