It will never last – Thursday 8th October 2020

It will never last

You know when your human tells you something and you just want to say ‘it will never last’ – well, that! Mum began a diet yesterday. Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve lived with her for a while and the only month of the year that she starts a diet and sticks to it for much more than 24 hours is May. I think it’s because it’s warm and sometimes sunny. When the weather is getting colder and the sky in England is invariably grey, is not the time to start a diet. You ask squirrel! He’s busy eating us out of house and home (and not posing for pictures). He’s certainly not starting a diet. Now is the time to curl up and hibernate. It is the time to eat as much as I like and just blame it on ‘winter’.


You should see Aristotle trying to scavenge everything he can find. If Mum goes to the loo when he’s in the office, as soon as she has left the room he stands up to her desk to check if there is any food left. He often gives himself away by accidentally typing on the keyboard and not knowing how to delete it. He also sometimes finds himself on camera as he didn’t realise a video call was running. He does the same in the kitchen. I don’t know why he thinks she doesn’t know. She always carefully puts away any knives or things he shouldn’t have before she goes.

Aristotle inspecting the garden yesterday


The wardrobe project is not going well. Actually, it’s not going at all. The first day wasn’t too bad, but Mum then realised what a big job it is and now seems to prefer looking at it than actually doing it. So much for having it done before Dad comes home in December.



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