Yoga Fun – Saturday 10th October 2020


I’ve seen cats doing yoga so I thought I’d try out one or two positions. Obviously as there is a position called ‘downward dog’ they are expecting some of us to give it a go and here is my first attempt. To be fair, I didn’t try many other positions, but it’s a start. Ari said that at his age lifting his leg to pee can feel as though he’s doing yoga. I pointed out that he’s never really bothered with the whole cocking his leg thing anyway, which he conceded was a fair point. Shadow says maybe she should try some, but she’s going to wait for another day. She fell off the settee yesterday in her excitement of being on a Zoom call and is feeling it today.

Wardrobe update

So far so good. Mum has managed to remove the doors on most of the wardrobe and carry them to another room. She has not yet done herself any injuries which is pretty good going for her. The last doors will come off today. Sadly, that will be the end of the easy part of the job. She has to start doing things that are more likely to go wrong now. If I were you, I’d stay well clear. That’s pretty much the approach which dad is taking too.

Questions I get asked

I really should start to put together a list of frequently answered questions that I get asked on the Zoom calls I’m doing. I should then just send out an email with the answers. It’s funny how some things come up all the time.

  1. How do I differ from a Labrador / Beagle? That one is interchangeable
  2. How much do I weigh? I know, right, it’s a really personal question but nearly everyone asks me.
  3. How much exercise do I need? Need – not that much really, like – no that’s a whole different question and I bet you’ll get tired first.
  4. What’s my favourite food? Steak, obvs.
  5. Do I shed? Of course, don’t you?

You get the picture. Perhaps I should start answering them here so you don’t need to ask.



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