Aren’t Body Clocks Amazing? – Sunday 11th October 2020

Aren’t Body Clocks Amazing?

When you stop and think about it, body clocks are amazing. If you stop taking any notice of the outside world and start relying on your own body clock you really do find it’s remarkably accurate. Shadow and I, ok, mainly me, can totally be relied on to jump on Mum at 7am. It’s more that I stick my nose in her face to see if she’s awake. Just enough to wake her if she was still asleep. “Morning, Mum, breakfast time.” On balance you would think she’d be grateful, but oddly she rarely is. Shadow totally knows what time her tablets should be and kicks off on the dot of half three for her afternoon one. Aristotle knows when it’s his bedtime, every night to the minute. We freak Mum out, we’re so accurate.


The little edelweiss charm has fallen off my lovely collar. When I say ‘fallen’ I might have broken it just a little bit. Fortunately, it came off when I was indoors so Mum found it and has it on her desk. Unfortunately, there is no way to reattach it. We’ve had the whole lecture about looking after my things. It wasn’t my fault. It just happened. It’s the same as the bruises on Mum’s leg. They just happened. I didn’t mean to do them.

Learning to Dance

Aristotle used to be Mum’s dancing partner. He’s not been so keen since the operation on his back leg. He says they are not quite as strong as they were. Now I’m learning to dance with her instead. I didn’t do very well at first. When she invited me to get up on my hind legs and dance with her, I lunged at her with excitement. I’m not better at standing up a little more gently and not start barking at the top of my voice. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.



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  1. I like your idea of jumping on your mum to get her out of bed. I like a regular schedule too. My method is a little different however. I have a whine that I use to get my mum out of bed. I emit a very low noise but the pitch is one that seems impossible for her not to hear- works every time. I was making that sound as she was reading this post as it was 7.15 and I was hungry. When she is working I don’t even need to make a sound I can just stare at her very intently- even from quite a distance- say from the hall looking at her at her desk. She then knows that it must be exactly 6pm which is dinner time for me.
    Cheers Winston

    • Humans are really quite useless without us, Winston. I don’t know how they survive.
      Love Wilma

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