At last a photo – Monday 12th October 2020

At last a photo

Well, this isn’t what we are trying to achieve but it’s a start. A photo of our squirrel. I know we’ve promised to try to get one with him sitting on his picnic table, but he’s not cooperating on that score. Yesterday he was sitting on top of the summerhouse when Mum was in the office. She took the first photo through the office window and then made me stay indoors and went outside the back door without me. Can you believe that? She actually wouldn’t let me be part of the fun. How mean is that? It did at least mean that she got a photo. Unfortunately as she tried to get a little closer the squirrel was too shy to stay in place.

Getting Excited

Mum has ordered a book for me and has promised to read it with me when it arrives. Alfie had a lovely book all about The Niesen Fox which would go up the mountain opposite our friends’ house to light the lamp in the evenings. He used to love Mum reading it to him. They’d curl up together and she’d read it as his bedtime story. I’ve always wished I had a book of my very own to do that with and now I will have. I can’t wait to show it to you and tell you all about it.

Sleeping on the bed

Obviously I get to sleep on the bed next to Mum. Well, the other night, Shadow climbed up to join us. Not something she finds easy. Mum got cross with her and told her to get into her own bed. Shadow is normally the happiest of dogs but she looked so sad that Mum felt dreadful. Anyway, she got out of bed and apologised to Shadow and then helped her to get back up. Mum said as long as she stayed down at the bottom then she could stay. I think she’s going soft.



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