He’s a wimp – Tuesday 13th October 2020

He’s a wimp

Well Aristotle really is a wimp. Ari hates going out in the rain. He will do anything to avoid it. He goes and shelters under the trees until Mum says he can come back inside. The main problem is that she wants him to go to the toilet before coming back in. He will only go out onto the grass under duress and with Mum standing out there in the rain to encourage him. He can make her stand there ages getting wet before he gives in and joins her. She says she may resort to taking him out into the garden on a lead, but given how strong he is that could just lead to a whole different set of problems.

I love the rain

On the other paw, I love the rain. Mum is growing to love it too. She’s working on the basis we meet far fewer people out for a walk when it’s raining so we’re much safer going out. We both need it, so I’m all in favour of that approach. For once living in a wet country is a bonus.


I have another Zoom call this evening. When I say ‘I’ it’s more ‘we’. I have definitely got bored with doing them and have totally started playing up almost as soon as the call starts. Mum was shown a website where you can pay £5 to have a goat join your Zoom call. Her first thought was that she could hire me out in much the same way. Her second thought was that she could replace me on the call with a goat as it might behave better. We’re taking turns. When I get bored Shadow comes and does her stuff and then when she decides to move to floor level, which she prefers, Ari takes over. If he starts to get fed up then we may need to resort to the goat.



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