We’ve Got Work To Do – Thursday 15th October 2020

We’ve got work to do

All you pets out there, we’ve got work to do. I don’t know how your humans are faring, but mine are a bit down with all that is going on in the world. It really is our job to cheer them up. I just don’t always know how to do it. If you have any suggestions then that would be great.

It will be three weeks tomorrow since Dad went back to Switzerland. In the past that is been the sorts of lengths of time we’ve had to cope with not seeing him. This time is different and we’ve still got ages to go.

The Human Approach

I don’t know about your humans but mine try cheering themselves up in a number of quite ridiculous ways. Shopping is no longer really an option, so Mum has at least given up on that idea. To be quite frank she’s resorted to wearing all sorts of odd clothes combinations to cheer herself up as she won’t be going out anywhere nice. She really doesn’t need any more.

She has also eaten more chocolate and cheesecake than is entirely sensible and that hasn’t solved the problem.

My Proposal

I am now trying to get her to try doing things my way. Brisk bracing walks three times a day with time snuggled up on the settee in between. So what if she doesn’t get any work done? So what if the DIY jobs don’t progress? So what if no one cleans the house? I will be happy and that will rub off on Mum so we’ll all be happy. Problem solved.

I’m also going to get her to go through all the old photos with me too as that was fun yesterday. Here are just a couple that made me smile remembering what normal life was like.




  1. Hey Wilma, my human says that if I think that he’s walking me briskly three times today, then I can think again, whatever that means. If it means that he’s not doing it, then I guess I’ll have go and pull his plants out of the tubs,

    Love Dexter x

    • Oh Dexter that did make me laugh. I’ve been known to climb into the vegetable trough and have a carrot.

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