The glue worked – Tuesday 20th October 2020

The glue worked

As you can see from our new bird bath, the glue worked. It’s been quite a saga. It arrived in three easy to assemble pieces. Easy to assemble if you didn’t mind that it would only have taken squirrel sitting on it for the whole top to fall off the bottom. Can you imagine what the poor squirrel would have had to say about that? Anyway, Mum’s first attempt at gluing it was with the whole thing outside. Mum found out that it was not warm enough for the glue to set, at least she assumed that was the problem, so brought it indoors.

Second Attempt

Attempt number two in the kitchen failed. The kitchen was warm enough. Mum’s further investigation showed that the connector between the top and bottom meant the two pieces didn’t meet so the glue was never likely to work. That was the point she got out the sharp knife. I had my paws over my eyes at that point. I should never allow Mum to use a sharp knife. This time thankfully she was careful. Surprise, surprise, it worked and the top is now safely glued to the bottom.

Wilma standing by the new bird bath.
Wilma next to our new bird bath

My lovely mountain

I saw some pictures that my sister had taken on my lovely mountain. Oh it made me homesick. The sun was shining and you could see snow on the mountains in the background. It was just as beautiful as ever. I do hate that we are stuck here and not able to travel. I miss my Swiss family and friends, and Dad of course. And I really miss my mountain. I hope it won’t be too long before I can go there again, but Mum says it probably won’t be for another six months or so at least. I guess it will just be all the nicer when I can get there.