Humans are so squeamish – Wednesday 21st October 2020

Humans are so squeamish

When compared to us dogs, humans are so squeamish. We sniff each other’s bottoms, sniff poo we find on walks. To be fair we’ll roll in fox poo and eat it given half the opportunity. Humans on the other paw have an objection to all those things. Yesterday Mum dropped her house keys down the toilet and you’d have thought the world had ended. Now, to be fair, it was flushing at the time and she did wonder if they were going to disappear out of sight before she had the opportunity to sort the problem out.

Gloves and disinfectant

If she’d been a dog, she would have just put her paw in and got the keys then put them in her pocket. That was not her approach. Retrieving them involved disposable gloves. They were then washed in disinfectant and wiped with another disinfecting cloth. Only then did she consider putting them in her pocket. That would be the same pocket they fell out of first time around. Of course, that tells you something else about humans – they rarely learn from their mistakes.

Let’s Zoom Again

Well I’m on Zoom duties again. Mum wants to know why she can sit on the settee with me and I will behave perfectly, but if she sits on the settee with me for a Zoom call I play up from the word go. What is different? Duh! In the first instance I have her undivided attention and she’s talking to me and only me. In the second instance she is talking to someone else and I’m supposed to just behave. If she can’t tell the difference she’s not as bright as I’d supposed. And before she suggests it, no I wouldn’t be fobbed off by her pretending to talk to me. I’m not that stupid and I can tell by her tone of voice that isn’t the case!

I’ll leave you with an old photo I found of both me and Ari trying to help Mum work



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