No Respect – Thursday 22nd October 2020

No Respect

The wildlife around here has no respect. Here we are, doing our best to give as much wildlife as possible a nice place to live and they all take liberties. Mum was telling me about an old-fashioned English expression about ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’. Obviously I know what a mile is because we still use them, but inches are rather before my time. She did explain that my American friends will understand, but there is no chance of my family in Switzerland making sense of it. They use centimetres and kilometres. Anyway, that’s not the point. I was telling you about the wildlife.

The wardrobe

Now you may think the wardrobe has nothing to do with wildlife. You’d be wrong. Having dismantled the wardrobe to find the source of the mould, Mum has then gone outside to take a look at the wall. There’s a hole. It has probably been caused by masonry bees. Now we need a further investigation from the outside. She’s gone off the idea of taking up a floorboard to have a look!

Going nuts

Then there is her friend the squirrel. Now this one is all her own fault. If you give the squirrel a supply of nuts every day then you cannot complain when he decides to bury all the spare ones so he can have a midnight snack now and again. It’s a bit like Aristotle trying to bring in the rest of the apples and hide them in his crate, but that’s another story. The problem is that the squirrel is burying his nuts in the vegetable troughs and digging up the veg in the process.  He’s been caught red-pawed by Mum. She did go out to discuss the matter with him, after taking the photos. As usual, the squirrel did not hang around for a chat.