Orson from Balihara Ranch – Saturday 24th October 2020

Orson from Balihara Ranch 4/4/2007 – 22/10/2020

We heard the sad news yesterday that Orson from Balihara Ranch has crossed the rainbow bridge. Orson had been the current eldest Entlebucher in the UK, taking over from Alfie in March. He died from a heart attack, so thankfully didn’t have a long illness. He was thirteen and a half, which is a very good age for our breed.

Founder Dog

Shadow first met Orson many years ago long before either Ari or I were born. He was one of the Club’s founder dogs along with his housemate Queenie. Orson wasn’t able to breed himself but helped take care of Queenie’s three litters and he was a lovely calm boy. No one would have accused Queenie of being a calm dog, so the poor boy did an amazing job coping with her exuberance.

It was a while since Shadow had seen him but she had happy memories of the times she did. We all send love and licks to his humans who will miss him very much.

It rather feels as though we’ve lost a lot of friends this year, each one of them leaving a big hole where they belonged.

Apologies to the bees

I need to make an apology to the local bees. They are not exactly the cause of the problem with the wardrobe. They may have made the hole, but they have not moved in. It turns out that it’s the wall itself having the problem so once the builder has been able to repair it the wardrobe can go back in place. That sounds easy until you realise the wardrobe is now several hundred parts which will need to be carefully reassembled. It’s going to be like those puzzles where you always have a piece over and they never look quite like the picture on the box.

Love Wilma

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