A Lovely Day – Sunday 25th October 2020

A lovely day

Yesterday was a lovely day. We spent ages just snuggled up, snoozing and talking. Obviously I insisted on having my tummy rubbed throughout. At times that meant me waking Mum so she would carry on. We talked about all sorts. I told Mum how much I miss our special times away together and it was lovely to know that she does too. She talked to me about us all trying to get more exercise and I agreed to help. It was just one of those lovely chill out afternoons.

Talking of exercise

It’s been really funny as Mum is making sure she goes out and walks around the garden regularly through the day. When I say regularly I mean she’s actually setting alarms to go out every hour. She wants to hit her walking targets and get more fresh air. The three of us have been reacting differently to this. I charge round the garden checking in with her every lap or so, which means I’m getting much more exercise than she is. Anyway, Shadow, the goody four-paws that she is simply trots round at Mum’s heal and only rests when she’s had enough.

Taking it seriously

Ari is the funniest. He was just standing at the back door and watching Mum. He’s always been a laid back kind of guy and frankly lazy unless he has a job to do. Anyway, in a turning point yesterday he has decided that walking around the yard is now his job. He is doing it religiously and then when Mum tried to come inside he blocked her way and made her do another circuit. He is so funny.

Even when it started raining Aristotle now sees it as his duty to make Mum walk further. I guess it will do them both good.

Now it’s colder Mum’s put another dog on the bed.

Love Wilma

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