Changing the clocks – Monday 26th October 2020

Changing the clocks

Mum said that changing the clocks around the house was a lot easier than changing the clocks in the three of us. Actually, that was a bit rich as she took one look at the big clock on the wall of the workroom and decided it was too much effort to take it off the wall. She is waiting until March for it to be right again. We of course got her up at 6am instead of 7am. Her first mistake was to mollify us with breakfast. You just know it means she’s going to have to get up at 6am every day for the next five months. She was a bit wiser by later on. She’s always better after her first coffee of the day. I sat staring at her for my lunch at 11am, as you would expect.

Wanting lunch early

I should have tried Ari’s approach of barking. Staring got me nowhere and we all had to wait until 11.40 when her own hunger got her up to start sorting all our lunches out. She is threatening to hold out until midday today.

Beautiful colours of autumn

The one thing about this time of year which we all like are the beautiful colours. This is amazing.

Ari and the Acer

The trees are being quite slow to change colour in the garden this year and only shedding their leaves one by one. It makes it more fun as I will have leaves to kick about in for a longer time. Mum says I need to be careful about which leaves I jump in, in case I’ve picked ones in use by a hedgehog for hibernation. I guess that could all get a bit uncomfortable for both me and the hedgehog if I got it wrong. It did make me want to go round the garden and check, but Mum says I can’t do that either.

Love Wilma

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