Oh How I miss it – Tuesday 27th October 2020

Oh how I miss it

It snowed yesterday. Oh how I miss it. Sadly the snow wasn’t here, it was in my homeland of Switzerland. Dad sent us a photo of the snow from the office window there. Mum and I sat and looked out at the rain we had here and both wished we could be where the snow was. Last winter, just before she broke her ankle, Mum bought some snow shoes. She hasn’t had any chance to try using them yet. I suppose at least her feet aren’t going to get any bigger now, or fatter with all that she seems to be eating!

The spider

I have to tell you about the spider incident. We were all in bed and Mum was reading her book. She reads without her glasses on as she’s short sighted. Anyway, she suddenly saw a large black object scuttling towards us in the direction of the bed. She grabbed the nearest object, which was thankfully a slipper, to deal with the problem. Fortunately she scored a direct hit and was able to deal with the problem. However, all that excitement had my heart rate racing, never mind hers. Well, there was no way I could get to sleep then. I was far too jumpy. I had to get Mum to rub my tummy for a while to calm me down.

Ari wants to hibernate

Ari is proving a real problem at the moment. He has decided that he really wants to hibernate. Getting him to be up and about and join in with the rest of the family is proving very difficult. Given the opportunity he just slopes off back to his crate, which is his favourite place. Mum is having to shut the area where his crate is off so he can’t go there all the time. She says it’s not doing him any good and she misses him too. Ari is not impressed.

Love Wilma

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