Happy Halloween – Saturday 31st October 2020

Happy Halloween

Well, Happy Halloween everyone. I’m going to miss having the opportunity to frighten all the children tonight. I do my best with blood curdling howls when they come trick or treating normally, but of course, this year is difference. I might just go out and howl at the moon for good measure but given the weather forecast, I might give that a miss too.

At least Mum was good. She normally buys in excessive quantities of sweets for anyone calling. She gets too much with the argument she can always eat what’s left. She knows she buys too much. However, she has been good and not bought any this year. Not that that will make much difference. The last diet ended after all of three days.

Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday was the calm before the storm – in the literal sense. The weather wasn’t too bad, so we spent quite a bit of time outdoors. I do like days like that. Today I’m guessing I’m going to be the only one who is actually willing to go out. We are on a yellow warning for rain with a fairly constant supply for the next three days. That’s England for you. We do most things here in moderation – except rain, we seem to do that excessively.

Duvet Day

Mind you, Mum has suggested we could have a duvet day and I have to say that wouldn’t be too bad. Shadow’ has put her paw up for that one. There is enough room on the bed for all of us, so that’s not a problem. We will have to get dressed in time for my Zoom call this afternoon. I think it would be a bit odd if Mum did that in her pyjamas from bed. The rest of us would be fine, but it might be best if Mum stayed off camera.



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