Wilma’s Tips for a Happy Lockdown – Monday 2nd November 2020

Wilma’s Tips for a happy Lockdown

Here are my tips for a happy lockdown.

Ok, you dogs and cats, you’ve got work to do. You’re all going to be in lockdown again and need to help your humans. Actually, I guess that’s not strictly true, I don’t suppose anyone has been able to lock a cat down for very long.

There are humans out there who are going to find this difficult. Here is a programme that I know you dogs can make happen. I’m less sure about the cats.

Wilma’s 6 rules of lockdown

  1. Get your human up at the same time as normal. It will help them if they stick to a sensible sleep pattern and if they lounge about in bed that won’t happen.
  2. Beg at the usual human meal times to make sure they eat properly and keep to a normal schedule. Remember that if they are having to give you some of their food it will encourage them to eat vegetables instead of chocolate.
  3. Take your humans for long walks. This will help them to settle at the times you need them to rest and will stop them fretting.
  4. Talk to them. If you answer when they talk to you it will help them to realise they can talk to you just as easily as they can to another human. It seems to do humans good to know they can talk. Encourage it.
  5. If they look miserable, take immediate action. Stick your nose onto their nose and stare at them, pull a funny face, run round in circles, fetch them their favourite toy – I tend to find the bottle opener can be a good one there. Anyway, you get the general picture. Become their entertainer.
  6. If they’ve been sitting on the couch too long then jump up and down and say you need the toilet, even if you don’t. It’s good to keep them moving.

You can do this. Let’s pull together team. You can share this with your friends and family so they can help their humans too.

An old goofy picture of me and Shadow to make you smile



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  1. Thank you, Wilma, for those helpful hints. I will pass them on to Jessie, our Border Terrier when she’s in the mood to receive them. She’s sleeping now, celebrating her sixteenth birthday in the best way possible. She’s having a portion of salmon today, which she loves. Have a great day:-)

    Maria, adoring slave to Jessie

    • Oh Maria do wish Jessie a very happy birthday from all of us. That is a wonderful age. I hope she enjoys her salmon.
      Love Wilma

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