Christmas is coming – Wednesday 4th November 2020

Christmas is coming

It seems that Christmas is going to be coming in quite a big way! And you know the old saying, if you can’t beat them, join them! I’ve helped Mum get out all the Christmas decorations so she can sort them out. Believe me, when you stand back and look at them there are an awful lot. She has already developed an alarming tendency to refer to 1st December as ‘the grand switch on’. That rather presumes she can get them all up and ready by then. We’re only at the planning phase, but I’m busy noting down everything she wants to do. We’re deciding which bushes and trees the outside lights will go on. A little worryingly, I caught her looking at buying some additional lights earlier.

The Tree

The tree is Aristotle’s department. He always gets very excited about the prospect of bringing a tree indoors – usually for all the wrong reasons. Mum is busy trying to find out if the place she normally buys it from can deliver or whether she needs to get it from somewhere else. I asked if we could have a tree in the office and Mum said I need to discuss it with Shadow. We’ve got a spare artificial tree and it can either go in the office or in Shadow’s room, so it really does depend what Shadow says.


This is one that we three dogs are completely agreed upon. We’ve put our paws down. She can start wearing her Christmas jumpers as soon as she wants to, but we do not want to have to listen to her Christmas music for more than the month of December. It wouldn’t be so bad if she’d got more of it, but when you hear the same things on repeat over and over it’s enough to drive the mildest mannered dog insane. I’m going to have to work out which is the ‘off button’ just in case I need it.



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