An Exciting Breakthrough – Tuesday 10th November 2020

An Exciting Breakthrough

We’ve had an exciting breakthrough. When we went to bed, right on cue, Shadow started howling at 9.30pm. Mum went was going to use Alexa to tell Shadow to go to bed, but then she had a better idea. She went to app on her phone and found a radio station that could play through the Alexa in Shadow’s room, all night. She put it on a low setting so that it was loud enough for Shadow to hear but wouldn’t disturb anyone else and guess what? Shadow stopped howling. She stopped immediately. At this point we really want to say a very big thank you to the Eagle Radio Station that plays out of Guilford. They’ve got a new listener and we’re all very happy about it, as long as it continues.


Shadow did start howling at 4.30am, so we can only assume that whatever track of music they put on then was one she didn’t like. Please could you look at your playlist, people at Eagle, and then avoid playing ones like that so we can get some sleep? Mum went down to Shadow and took her out to the toilet. Then she put the BBC World Service on for her for a change and went back to bed. We slept until 7.15am. Mum was very pleased indeed.

Now we just need this to keep working and we will all be a lot happier, including Shadow. We have asked her if she wants to choose different music or if she’s happy with what we found her. She says she quite likes it as it plays the sorts of things she usually hears if either Mum or Dad put music on. It was comforting. Who would have thought the solution could be that easy?



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