Mum wants me to try skipping – Thursday 12 November 2020

Mum wants me to try skipping

Mum wants me to try skipping. Here we go again. Another crazy idea. Mum is trying to improve her fitness levels by skipping. Forget the fact that her knees don’t appreciate too many stairs or cycling – what could possibly go wrong? The first worry is that where is skipping is rather slippery. She is trying to sort out getting the paving cleaned, but for the moment it is not ideal. The second worry is that she is wondering if a dog could get the hang of skipping with her. I’m the dog! Now, let’s just look at this sensibly shall we. Yes, I could get the hang of skipping that isn’t a problem. What I would need is someone reliable to turn the rope at an even rate so I don’t get my paws caught up in it.

Someone reliable

There’s the problem in a nutshell. It would need someone reliable.

With the best will in the world, when it comes to things like this I cannot call Mum reliable. There are many things she’s good at, but coordinating all her limbs is not one of them. Has anyone ever told you about the time she took up roller blading? Let’s just say it involved a trip to hospital and the bruising didn’t look pretty. I wasn’t actually there as it was some time ago now, but I have seen the pictures.

BBC World Service

Well the BBC World Service seems to have done the trick. Now all we have to do is threaten Shadow that if she doesn’t stay quiet Mum will put the radio back on. She did seem to like the music station but frankly wasn’t so keen on people talking to her. She has however allowed us to get more sleep by being quiet so on the whole we are very happy about the outcome.



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