Thinking about her behaviour – Sunday 22nd November 2020

Thinking about her behaviour

Wilma has had her computer privileges taken away while she spends some time thinking about her behaviour. I have to paw it to her, she’s a lot braver than I am. She has explained she is only going out into the garden under supervision. Well, you will never guess what she did yesterday. Mum was standing by the back door watching her. Wilma had spent some time down the garden, checking on the squirrels and going to the toilet. She was enjoying a good sniff when Mum called her to come in.

Wilma the steeplechaser

Now, Wilma is quite an obedient girl, so she did come when called. She ran straight up the garden, steeplechased over the vegetable trough – pulling the first thing she came to out as she did so, and then rand in through the back door carrying her parsnip. She was right in front of Mum. To say we were all speechless would be putting it mildly. I take my collar off to her, I really do. Mum on the other paw had a few stern words with her and then took the parsnip away. The parsnip had definitely seen better days by that stage.

Limited choices

Mum had wanted to leave the carrots in the ground until she needed them. She is now having to consider her options. She could either harvest the remaining ones, but then they won’t last so long. Keep them in a sack in the garage but knowing the wildlife round here it won’t just be Wilma eating them. Eat them all in one go – with our help of course, but then I guess Wilma wins. Her final option would be to train Wilma to behave, but that’s never going to happen.

On the bright side I did get to use the computer. I guess you have to make the most of opportunities in life.

Aristotle at the keyboard

Love Aristotle

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