On your marks – Wednesday 24th November 2020

On your marks

On your marks, get set…. Go!!!!! Mum has given in to the urge to start putting up the rest of the Christmas decorations. She wasn’t supposed to start the next stage until tomorrow but she started yesterday. I tried to hold her back but she said that it was getting dark early and therefore must be nearly Christmas. I’m sorry, I did try to hold her back. The lights still aren’t going on until next week, she’s promised that. The jumpers will start tomorrow but she needn’t think I’m planning to put mine on just yet.

Shadow’s fault

According to Mum it’s all Shadow’s fault. The radio station that Shadow is listening to has started playing Christmas music and Mum found herself singing along. This is what happens when they play golden oldies. Play anything from our generation and she wouldn’t have a clue. Play something from thirty or forty years ago and she knows all the words. Shadow did threaten to change it to another channel. The last time that happened Shadow got into real trouble. She ended up listening to Mum’s audio book for a few hours and then Mum couldn’t find her place. Shadow said it was an accident but none of us believed her.

Striking a bargain

Mum has been out to harvest most of the carrots. I said it wasn’t fair and tried to promise not to eat the ones she wanted. Mum said that given the last one she had for tea already had claw and teeth marks on she didn’t trust my promise. Anyway, she has said she will let me have the very small ones that she doesn’t plan to cook on condition that I only have them when she puts them at ground level. Of course I’ve said yes, but she just doesn’t learn. Once her back is turned I shall be checking for any she’s missed.

Wilma on her human's bed
Me spoilt?



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