I need help – Wednesday 25th November 2020

I need help

Well this is no good, I need help. I’m a cattle herder for goodness sake, not a computer expert. Mum has told me that my diary needs a revamp. What does that mean when it’s at home? She says it’s not about how it looks, although I can make some changes to that if I want to. It’s because there are some things behind the scenes which are not working correctly. Now to be fair, she has offered to help me fix it but I don’t know where to start. Apparently, it’s because we haven’t made any major changes for years and there are nearly fifteen years of daily posts here now. That is a lot of diary. All I can say is that if at any point over the next few days I press the wrong button then I’m sorry. I’ll try not to do that.

Wilma looking at the camera having rounded up her toy cow

Let’s be honest I would rather be herding cows even if they are toy ones.

Deck the Halls

It’s more the hall than the halls, but that was yesterday’s project. To be strictly accurate it was going round with a vacuum cleaner and duster ahead of the Christmas tree arriving. That and putting moose’s hat on. Once moose has his hat on then Christmas can begin in earnest. Thankfully, it was Aristotle’s job to help with the decorations I was too busy trying to find the broken links that need fixing in my diary.

Sybil’s Puppy

My great niece is doing very well. At the moment she has been nicknamed Polly, but that may not end up being her name. That’s because she lives with Sybil and Basil who are two other characters in Fawlty Towers. She is gaining weight well, but then she has all the milk to herself so I’d worry if she wasn’t.



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