The countdown has begun – Thursday 26th November 2020

The countdown has begun

The countdown has begun in earnest. The tree should be delivered today. The wreath arrived yesterday and just needs to be decorated, once it is out of quarantine. Mum put the last of the lights up in the back garden yesterday and, more importantly, she has started wearing her Christmas jumpers. Yesterday was her penguin one and as she’s still in her dressing gown I can’t tell you what today’s is going to be. I’m actually starting to look forward to her turning on all the lights. They worked before she put them up. I just hope they still work when she comes to turn them on. If they don’t then she really isn’t going to be happy.

Sleeping on the job

To be honest it all got a bit too much yesterday and I sloped off to my favourite chair. I was sulking at the time. I’d asked to go outside at one point when Mum was busy on the phone. I guessed that would mean she couldn’t come out with me and I could go foraging. Aristotle had a failed attempt to bring in a half-eaten apple earlier in the day and Mum was not best pleased with him. The point being she wasn’t entirely sure what it had been half-eaten by.

Anyway, once I was outside, I had a good look over my shoulder to check Mum had gone back in. She had. What I didn’t know was that she was watching out of the window. As I was about to climb into the vegetable trough there was an almighty banging on the window which made me jump. She’s not letting up on this one.

Whilst the countdown has begun Wilma is sulking in her favourite chair

That was when I went off in a sulk and wouldn’t help with any of the decorations.



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