How to have a happy Christmas Lockdown – Friday 27th November 2020

How to have a happy Christmas Lockdown

Today we’re going to give you some ideas for how to have a happy Christmas lockdown. There is a good reason why we aren’t doing Friday flashback today as you will realise when you read tomorrow. Instead as we’re getting pretty used to this lockdown lark, I thought I’d give you some ideas to help you if you are struggling.

Use your imagination

You can still have Christmas lunch with as many of your family and friends as you want to. Not in person, of course. You can use your phone, or computer to include them in your meal. Eat at the same time and then put your phone / computer / tablet or whatever you use, propped up in a place at the table so that if you are using video you can see each other. Even if all you have is a home landline you can have the receiver at the table so you can talk to each other.

Hold a Christmas lockdown carol service

If you miss going to a carol service then hold your own. You can find the words and music to your favourite carols on the internet and sing along. You can even watch Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge and pretend you are part of it.

Believe in Santa Claus

Santa Claus is as real this year as he is every year. Leave a mince pie (out of the reach of any pets as that could be fatal) and a glass of your favourite drink, some hand wash and a treat for Rudolf and let your imagination do the rest. If you haven’t got any physical presents from anyone else to open then make yourself a Christmas stocking of treats as they used to years ago. Feel free to make the orange a chocolate one.

Enjoy Nature

The other thing which doesn’t change is nature. Go outside and enjoy what there is. Listen to the birds. Enjoy the feeling of wind / rain / sun on your skin (delete as appropriate). Be still and take time to remember what Christmas is really about.

Move Christmas altogether

In reality Jesus was not born on December 25th. We don’t have to have Christmas on that day. We could make it any day we choose and have all our celebrations together when it’s safe and possible. Choose a Christmas day to suite your needs – not July 25th, that’s my birthday and I still want two presents.

Most of all take care and remember that all being well an end to this crazy situation is in sight.



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  1. Looks great Wilma. You have been working hard. Pleased to see Alfie’s pics are still there. Have a lovely day all. xxx

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