We’re nearly there – Sunday 29th November 2020

We’re nearly there

Well we’re nearly there. We’re nearly at our big switch on. To be fair, Mum has cheated. She’s already turned the Christmas tree lights on in the hall. She’s started to put batteries into the battery operated lights and made the wreath. There is just one little thing that’s spoiling it all. When I say ‘little’ I mean ‘big’. We have taken the difficult decision that Dad won’t come home at Christmas. We’re trying to be positive about it and say we’ll have another Christmas on a different date when he can safely come home. I’ve said I’ll help taking photos of the decorations to send to him. I think Mum is going to call him by video call so he can be part of us turning on the lights.

Christmas wreath

Aristotle’s leg

What I haven’t told you is that Aristotle has tweaked his other back leg. Mum doesn’t think he’s torn that ligament but has strained it. He is now on rest and no stairs. He’s much happier with the arrangement than Shadow is. Mum is getting fed up of having to take them out of the front door and round to the back garden. Quite honestly our house has too many stairs if you have bad legs. Not as many as the house in Switzerland so I suppose that’s a blessing.

Shadow is doing very well on her regime of rest and vitamins so Ari is now on the same programme. We are hoping they will both be fit and well again soon. Mum has told me to be careful!

Shadow’s tree

Shadow has her own Christmas tree. Mum thought it might cheer her up. It’s an old artificial one. The top bit won’t stay on, so it’s a half a tree, but it looks all right and Shadow is not complaining. She’s still happily listening to the radio, it definitely helps her in staying a bit calmer and not reacting to every noise.



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