Dear Santa Paws – Saturday 5th December 2020

Dear Santa Paws,

Dear Santa Paws, I’ve been a good girl this year, really I have. The ‘Vegetable trough incident’ was just a momentary lapse and I really didn’t mean to break Aristotle earlier in the year. I have been good at cleaning up everything that Mum has dropped on the kitchen floor. I’ve been really good at acting as a hot water bottle by getting into her bed every night. I’ve remembered to cheer Mum up when she’s needed it and always clear my bowl at meal times. I will admit, I’m not quite so well behaved if I don’t get the attention I think I deserve, so when Mum’s on the phone I may be a little loud. Overall though, I think you’d say I’ve been a good dog.

Ready to write to Santa Paws. Wilma Entlebucher Mountain Dog with her Christmas decorations.

What I would like

With all that in mind, I thought I might tell you the things I’d like to find in my Christmas stocking, if it’s ok with you. Please can I have a trip to see Dad in Switzerland really soon? I miss him and I miss my family out there. I miss my mountain and the snow too. Please can I have long sunny walks with Mum? This staying at home is ok for a while, but I don’t think it’s really doing either of us any good.

I’d like to have a fun day and go to Crufts too. I miss seeing my friends. It’s hard when you can’t get close enough to sniff the dogs and humans you like being around.

I’d quite like a vegetable trough of my own so that Mum couldn’t tell me off if I want to climb in and eat the veg. At least it would save the argument if we didn’t have to share.

Most of all

What I’d like most of all is for all my friends and family to stay safe and come through this dreadful time ready to be able to enjoy life again.

Oh and I want you to stay safe too, Santa. I wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with your travels. I hope all the little boys and girls go to bed early on Christmas eve so that none of them compromise your safety. You’re being very brave being prepared to make all your deliveries trusting that humans will make sure that everything has been disinfected for your arrival.

Give my love to Rudolph. Tell him I think he’s great.



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