Rescue Centres to Apply for Funds – Saturday 12th December 2020

Rescue Centres To Apply for Funds

The lovely people at Wire Fence are inviting Rescue Centres to apply for funds. They are giving away all of their profits from the day of Monday 18th December to a dog rescue centre. It’s a lovely way to give back to the dog community. You can find out more about Wire Fence and how to take part HERE

It’s a lovely thing for them to do and they have made similar donations to other causes in the past. Well done to the team at Wire Fence for the initiative.

Christmas Reminder

It is a good opportunity to remind you all that having one of us dogs join your family is a big commitment. It is not something to enter into lightly. The tragic reality is that thousands of us are dumped at rescue centres each year. Through no fault of our own. It can be very hard for us to adjust to such treatment. One minute we’re giving it our all, trying to be a faithful companion and the next, without explanation we are given our marching orders.

Think very carefully about whether taking one of us into your home fits with your lifestyle. It’s not just about today, but the next ten to fifteen years. We can be expensive. Our purchase price is only the beginning. There is feeding us, our vets bills and kennel costs if you ever want to go away without us.

Spare a thought

Spare a thought for all the dogs who have to spend their Christmas, or any other time, in a rescue centre. It’s no fun for them. Imagine watching and waiting, hoping that the next person might pick you. That they might give you a forever home. Then being disappointed when they don’t. No dog deserves to be put through that. We’d like to send a special happy Christmas to any dog in that situation. Also we’d like to send a thank you to the people who work tirelessly to care for them.



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