Part 2 Country – Monday 14th December 2020

Part 2 Country

So what’s a part 2 country when it’s at home? We are. Or at least that seems to be the case. This is something all you dogs, cats and ferrets need to take note of if you plan to go overseas on holiday. It is better news than it might have been, but not completely good news. Your Pet Passport will not be valid on the 1st of January if you live in the UK. Ok, I need to be more specific – it will if you life in Northern Ireland but not the rest of the UK.

What do I need to do?

You will need to visit your vet within 10 days of leaving the country. It must be an Official Veterinarian (that’s a specific term and means they are recognised by the Government). They will need to complete an Animal Health Certificate, which is a 7 page document, to allow you to travel. You have to leave the country within those ten days and you can travel in the agreed area for up to four months. You must not stay beyond four months.

Does it help if my passport was issued overseas?

No. Where your pet passport was issued will not change things. It is not really like a human passport proving rights to citizenship. I have a Swiss passport, but the key factor is that I live in the UK and come under the UK rules.

Wilma Entlebucher Mountain Dog is fed up that from 1st January the UK will be a Part 2 Country and her Pet Passport will no longer be valid.

Coming Back

We think you need to visit a vet before returning and will need further certification and worming as at present. We’re waiting to see all the detail and it is possible that your existing pet passport might be useful to keep for that part of the exercise as there is a section in that for the vet to show that you have had a health check.

What else?

As now you need a rabies vaccination and cannot travel until 21 days after that, but there is no change in that regard to the present arrangements. What that does mean, we hope, is that puppies will still be able to come to the UK at 15 weeks old in the same way they can now.

We will check everything out and come back to you with full detail as soon as everything is clear. If you are planning to travel very soon then the best advice is to talk to your vet as soon as possible but be prepared for there to be some issues on getting paperwork and travel arrangements made in the near future.

We will write a step by step guide for you as soon as we know exactly how it works.



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  1. Hi Wilma – I guess it could have been worse – at least little Entles can still come here and big Entles can go on holiday and vist their homeland 🙂

    • Yes it does mean Mum can start trying to see if there are any puppies who can move here. That has to be good.

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