Dear Little Alfie – Thursday 17th December 2020

Dear Little Alfie

Today we have an update on our dear little Alfie. Obviously he’s only now ‘little’ in our imaginations and to set him apart from our own dear Alfie. He’s now pretty much a big Alfie, and he’s grown up into a very handsome dog. He’s still going through all those difficult ages of not being quite sure of himself and barking at times he shouldn’t. We all do it, young Alfie, just take it step by step.

Dear little Alfie lying on his cushion

Learning Tricks

He’s learnt to bark on command and be quiet on command… except at the times when he’s out and doesn’t feel quite so comfortable. You’ll get there, keep going. He knows to look to his human for encouragement and that’s a really good thing. That’s what they’re there for.

Taking opportunities

I am pleased to say he’s growing into a fine dog to spot an opportunity. He isn’t one to stand on ceremony if he spots a food opportunity. Mum says it’s wrong of me to compliment him on this, but how can I not? I’m proud of him. As long as your human apologises for you, you can usually get away with it. Obviously, it’s easier when they can say you are still a puppy, but don’t let that stop you in adulthood.

Little Alfie Entlebucher sitting by the window

Off lead

Off lead he’s doing very well. To be honest, we all prefer that. Having to drag our human along on a lead is a real chore. Humans so often don’t do as we tell them. They go the wrong way, pull on the lead, you know the sorts of thing. Letting the human be off lead gives all of us so much more chance to relax. Well done for trusting your human enough to let them off, Alfie. It really is to everyone’s benefit.



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