Do Not Tell Mum – Saturday 19th December 2020

Do not tell Mum

Please do not tell Mum, you see, she sent me to spend some time working on my Christmas Address earlier and I didn’t. Instead, I wrote my letter to Santa Paws. I know you’ll all tune in for my words of wisdom on Christmas Day and I promise I will think hard about that, but I really really needed to tell Santa Paws what I want this year. You see, I might actually have been good for once, if you disregard breaking Aristotle. In my defence that was an accident. I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting my letter in to Santa in time for him to act on it.

Letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws, it’s Wilma here. You know how hard I find it to be good, but I’ve really tried ever so hard this year. Mum has needed me to be a support dog and really I’ve tried. I’ve tried not to take up too much of her bed and to get out when asked. I’ve tried not to bring too much mud into the house, not deliberately anyway. Oh, I’m sorry about the vegetables. I just can’t resist them, but I do try, honestly I do. I’ve always been there when Mum wants me. And to be frank, sometimes when she doesn’t. I’ve made sure my humans know how much I love them and I’ve been nice to Shadow and Aristotle… most of the time. Anyway, I think it’s the best I can do.

So here’s what I want

Now I’ve got all that out of the way, Santa, please could you see if you can put me on the ‘good’ list. It’s not that I want very much for myself. I know I’m a spoiled girl already and I only have to ask Mum for something and it’s there. It’s not things like beds and collars that I want this Christmas. Please Santa Paws, can you help with the things that money can’t buy?

You see, Shadow is missing Dad dreadfully. And, let’s be honest, Santa Paws so are Mum and me. Please can you bring him home to us as soon as the world is safe? And when it is Santa, I really want to be able to see Mama and my sisters Valeria and Tosca. I do miss them all so very much. I want to be able to walk on my mountain again and breath the lovely mountain air. I want it to be safe for Mum to go to see my grandparents and to be fair, for her to see anybody. Please Santa, can you arrange for humans to sort themselves out so that the world can return to normal?

Love from a Wilma Dog who is trying really really hard to be a good girl.

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